120W 22 inch Straight Single-Row LED Light Bar TH-ET01120C

120 watt 22inch offroad LED light bar with 12 x 10 watt high intensity CREE LEDs in single row. IP68 waterproof with 9~60V DC working voltage. Diecast aluminum housing, aluminum alloy bracket, polycarbonate lens,With bottom-mounting brackets
Product Name LED Light Bar
Model Number TH-ET01120C
Power Output 120W
Operating Voltage DC9~60V
LED Chip 12pcs*10W CREE
Lumens 9600LM
Color Temperature 6000K
IP rating IP67/IP68
Beam Pattern Spot/Flood/Combo
Housing Material Diecast aluminum housing
Mounting Bracket aluminum alloy bracket
Lens Material polycarbonate lens
Housing Color Black
Length Size 22"/56.8cm
Operating Temperature -45°C - 60°C
Life Span Above 50,000 hours
Wire Length 60cm
Warranty 12 months


1. DC 9~60V ultra-wide operating voltage, applies to various vehicles;

2. Concise & mature designed circuit board ensures high quality;

3. 0.2% extreme low defective rate due to the adoption of Korean components;

4. Standard thickness of aluminum housing for quick heat dissipation;

5. IP67/IP68K waterproof.

6.With bottom-mounting brackets

Detail Image:

E Series:

Model Length Size Power LED Type LED Quantity Lumens Beam
5"/11.8cm 20W 10W Cree
2PCS 1440lm Spot/Flood
8"/20.8cm 40W 10W Cree
2880lm Spot/Flood
12"/29.8cm 60W 10W Cree
4320lm Spot/Flood/Combo
15"/38.8cm 80W 10W Cree
6400lm Spot/Flood/Combo
19"/47.8cm 100W 10W Cree
7200lm Spot/Flood/Combo
TH-ET01120C 22"/56.8cm 120W 10W Cree 12pcs 9600lm Spot/Flood/Combo
TH-ET01140C 26"/65.8cm 140W 10W Cree 14pcs 10080lm SSpot/Flood/Combo
29"/74.8cm 160W 10W Cree
11520lm Spot/Flood/Combo
TH-ET01180C 33"/83.8cm 180W 10W Cree 18pcs 12960lm Spot/Flood/Combo
TH-ET01200C 37"/92.8cm 200W 10W Cree 20pcs 16000lm Spot/Flood/Combo
TH-ET01240C 44"/110.8cm 240W 10W Cree 24pcs 17280lm Spot/Flood/Combo
47"/119.8cm 260W 10W Cree
18720lm Spot/Flood/Combo


1. Off-Road vehicles: ATVs, SUV, truck, Fork lift, trains, boat, bus, and tanks;

2. Engineering vehicles: excavator, dozer, road roller, bulldozer, crane and mining truck;

3. Specialized vehicles: fire engine, police cars, rescue vehicle, communication; vehicle, Military command vehicle, etc.

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