F2 15w~20w H11 LED headlight

F2 H11 LED headlight with high quality and super bright LED bulbs. Direct plug-in replacement, Simple to install and clean, functional and durable. Easy to use,low power consumpsion. The lamps enjoy a light soft design, and they can be fixed to all car mo


1. High Light Effect

With the same watts, LED lamp is three times lighter than halogen lamp;

2. Long Life Span

It has a long life-span of 10000 hours, which is 10 times longer than halogen lamps;

3. Low Power Consumption

LED lamp can save half of the electornic power compares with the normal   halogen lamp;

4. Security and Reliability

Security is the most important feature of LED headlight, LED headlight helps to improve the driving security because of its multiple beam and intensity, which can help driver to see the surrounding more clear that can keep your driving more safe, especially at night;

5. Emergency

Difference with halogen lamp, when there is some thing wrong with the storage battery, led headlight will extend a few seconds to go out, so that the owners have a certain amount of time to deal with emergencies;

6. Resistance

Waterproof  and dustproof, as well as vibration proof.

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